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While every HandyTrac system is highly secure, for those facilities who need the pinnacle of key control security, we recommend the Premium Touch, our premier key control system. Perfect for large communities, campuses, and companies managing multiple properties, the Touch combines state-of-the-art biometrics with a large touch screen and enhanced instant reporting features to give property managers complete monitoring and control of key authorization and activity throughout the community or building.

Biometric Key Control

One of the key features of the Premium Touch is the biometric reader, which allows the system to identify employees by their fingerprint. Biometric technology is very difficult to hack, and property managers can instantly identify and track key traffic and related activities of any employee at any time with HandyTrac’s key management reports.

Advantages of the HandyTrac Premium Touch

biometric key controlAlong with our other key control systems, the Premium Touch offers such features as online reporting, customizable activity codes, enhanced auditing, building pull capabilities and so on. It also offers the same biometric security as our mid-range Biometric system. However, the Premium Touch offers a wide array of extra conveniences and enhancements not available on other systems. These include:

Large touchscreen display. This screen can display easy-to-read visual codes that virtually eliminate typing errors, making it easier than ever for employees to log in and pull keys securely and efficiently. The touchscreen also makes it easier to pull multiple keys when necessary.

One-touch building pull and work order reviews. Reviews and maintenance have never been made easier.

Wi-fi capability. Management can access the system remotely and securely.

Unit tagging and flagging. Assign unique messages to individual units so all employees know what’s going on with that unit.

Built-in door alarm. Instant alerts and deterrents for anyone who tries to break the box.

Customized restrictive access. Program the system to restrict certain employees from accessing certain keys. Integration with other systems. Management can review reports from multiple properties with a single login.

As with all our HandyTrac key control systems, the Premium Touch comes with our ironclad continuous warranty and ongoing technical support to ensure optimum performance. And despite being our top-of-the-line key control system, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the Premium Touch is surprisingly affordable.

To learn more about the enhanced key control security features of the Premium Touch, contact us today.