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biometric key controlEvery human being has certain, highly unique physical traits. These include fingerprints, voiceprints, the iris of the eye, or even ears or the palms of the hands.

Biometric identification uses these unique aspects to verify the identity of individuals who have access to sensitive information or security devices like cell phones, computers, or house and apartment keys.

The technology isn’t new. Biometric identity verification is already being used to unlock shared computers like those found in control centers in nuclear power plants, airports, and hardened military facilities. These systems provide a huge opportunity to prevent crime and ensure public safety, and they’re considered one of the most effective security measures you can implement.

HandyTrac Systems, the leader in the biometric key control market, provides seamless, end-to-end security for multifamily, student, and military housing.

“HandyTrac pioneered the biometric verification system, and as the industry leader, continues to stand out among the competition by offering a budget friendly system without sacrificing quality and security,” according to Larry Kratz, Executive Vice President, HandyTrac Systems.

HandyTrac’s patented online key management system is the first and only key control solution that ensures all of a client’s data is reinforced with an audit trail. In addition, the Keys Out system instantly reports keys out and who last requested said key. Most importantly, keys are coded and randomized to different locations within the cabinet, which guarantees that if a key is lost it can’t be matched or duplicated.

HandyTrac now has installations in all 50 states, a growth landmark that is proof positive that HandyTrac is a winner with property managers across the nation.

Contact HandyTrac today to learn how a biometric key control system can strengthen the security of your property.

About HandyTrac:

For over 20 years HandyTrac has been the low-cost leader in multifamily and military housing key control; managing keys for more than 3 million apartment homes throughout the country. Our cloud based systems offer instant access to archived reporting and provide the ability to manage your communities with a single login through your computer or smartphone.

For more information, visit or call 800-665-9994.