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Why Key Control

Premises Liability

Premises liability may arise when a lack of security was a factor in allowing a crime to occur, or where there was an “unforced entry” by a perpetrator who used a key to gain entry for criminal purposes.

Poor record keeping is another major area of concern. The ability to track who took a key, for what purpose, when, for how long, and when it was returned is critical.

Manual sign-out sheets are notoriously sloppy. Forgotten or illegible entries will be construed by a good attorney as unreliable. If you find yourself the defendant in a liability case, you need complete and accurate records of all key transactions on an Audit Trail.

HandyTrac reduces liability by preventing keys from falling into the wrong hands and provides an archived Audit Trail and Reports on its secure cloud infrastructure with Amazon Web Services.

Does your key history look like this?

...or this?

HandyTrac Provides a Secure, Archived Audit Trail

Reports are available online at any time to authorized managers.

Automated alerts allow managers anywhere to receive accurate and timely key control information.

Regional and divisional managers can easily access all required audit trail information for any authorized site from a single interface.

Miya's Law

In June 2022, Florida enacted “Miya’s Law” in honor of Miya Marcano, a college student and apartment dweller who lost her life due to poor key control. This legislation mandates apartment communities maintain a key issuance and return log, while setting policies for key management and storage, background checks, and curbing the use of master keys.

In fact, Virginia has already enacted comparable legislation, taking inspiration from “Miya’s Law.” California, New York, and Texas have introduced bills aimed at tightening key control regulations within multifamily housing communities.

A HandyTrac Key Control System meets the requirements of Miya’s Law and other proposed legislation.

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